Machine relocation

We specialize in intricate industrial relocation projects where precision and professionalism are paramount. With a comprehensive technical infrastructure and a team of highly skilled personnel, we are poised to tackle the most demanding tasks associated with machine relocation.

If you're seeking a partner who can deliver not just the appropriate equipment but also unwavering dedication and strict adherence to safety protocols, KWP Poland is primed to meet your needs. Leveraging our expertise and professional approach, we ensure efficient and secure machine relocation, enabling you to concentrate on other facets of your business.

See the equipment we have available.

We have over 200 types of machinery for cargo handling, assembly work, and installations. Through careful selection of equipment and tools, we ensure the quick, efficient, and safe completion of tasks. We possess specialized equipment necessary for the precise and safe movement of machinery, including transport rollers, hydraulic jacks, and industrial levers. Additionally, we provide heavy-duty equipment such as cranes, overhead cranes, forklifts with a lifting capacity of up to 25 tons, and pick & carry cranes.

Side-lifting hydraulic lifts

Constructed with hydraulic mechanisms, they enable precise and controlled lifting of various structures, machinery, or equipment. Their side-lifting capability allows for easy adjustment of the position of the lifted object.

Air cushion transporters

Special cushions powered by compressed air allow for the smooth movement of loads weighing even hundreds of tons without contact with the ground. The operation of the air cushion transporters is based on the principle of minimizing friction through an air layer, enabling efficient and precise movement of heavy loads.

360° rotating transport rollers

They are extremely useful for industrial machine relocations, providing an effective and safe way to transfer heavy equipment from one location to another.

Elevated work platforms

We have a variety of elevated work platforms in our fleet, ranging from small scissor lifts for work in confined spaces to large work platforms with a capacity of over 1000 kg, as well as telescopic lifts with a reach of 25 meters.

High-capacity forklift trucks

We have forklift trucks tailored to various needs, ranging from small, agile ones to large machines capable of lifting loads up to 25 tons.

Cranes and hoists

For specialized tasks, we offer cranes and hoists that will meet every expectation. From small indoor cranes to mobile pick & carry types (capable of moving with a suspended load) to cranes with a capacity of up to 500 tons.

What does production automation involve?

Production automation involves optimizing the operation of industrial machinery and equipment by increasing their efficiency while reducing the human factor and lowering costs. Industrial automation services entail the implementation of innovative numerical and programmable control systems, as well as systems responsible for monitoring and diagnosing equipment. Often, this process accompanies industrial relocation.

Ensure the integration of production processes at every stage of product creation. Collaborate with KWP Poland experts to create an efficient, safe, and cost-effective working environment.

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Why is it worth entrusting machine relocation to KWP Poland?


We carry out approximately 120 machine relocations annually, utilizing our own fleet and modern machinery park, and dedicating a team of qualified specialists to each task.

Specialized equipment

We have a fleet of over 200 machines for handling loads, assembly work, and installations. We also offer heavy equipment such as cranes, overhead cranes, pick & carry cranes, and Versa-lift forklifts. The proper selection of equipment and tools ensures quick, efficient, and safe completion of the task.


We place tremendous emphasis on the quality of preparation and execution of industrial relocation projects, which translates into maximizing work optimization and ensuring safety.

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What does machine relocation involve?

Are you looking for a way to improve efficiency and increase profits for your business? Machine relocation involves safely transferring your machinery park to a new location, revitalizing production. Proper machine relocation entails not only safe dismantling, loading, and transportation of machines but also their appropriate reinstallation, considering project execution, industrial installation assembly, and connection of equipment to utilities. Ensure proper equipment operation after machine relocation by partnering with KWP Poland.

We have the knowledge and skills to ensure that the machine relocation process is carried out under the most professional conditions. Machine relocation services offer an excellent opportunity to enhance your company’s competitiveness.

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How does the machine relocation process with KWP proceed?

We conduct machine relocations comprehensively, starting from needs analysis, through planning, to execution, considering logistics and principles of maintenance in your facility.


Relocation planning

Detailed machine relocation planning is conducted with specific conditions in mind. During site surveys, we primarily assess the feasibility of entry and movement on-site for the required machinery and specialized equipment. We design the layout of necessary industrial installations and evaluate the arrangement and condition of the intended placement locations.


Machine dismantling

One of the crucial stages of machine and production line relocation is the safe disconnection of equipment, and if necessary, their dismantling. KWP Poland experts ensure proper preparation, packaging, and securing of machines to prevent damage during transportation.


Machine transportation

At KWP Poland, we ensure that machine relocation proceeds safely at every stage, especially during loading and transportation. To achieve this, we utilize our own specialized machinery and equipment with customized parameters, including trucks, forklifts, and mobile platforms. We also insure the transported machines.


Unloading and placement of machines

After unloading the relocated machines or new equipment, the next step involves aligning and placing the machines or production lines, as well as installing accessories in the new location, with particular attention to adhering to safety principles and comprehensive installation of industrial installations.


Unloading machines from maritime containers

At KWP Poland, we also offer unloading of new machines from trucks and maritime containers. In this scope of our services, it involves safely unpacking the machines, unloading, disposal of waste remaining after unpacking, followed by placing the machines and connecting them to utilities.


Machine connection

The final step in machine relocation is the provision of utilities: electrical power, compressed air, chilled water, or technical gases. KWP Poland experts will also assist with the initial, safe startup of the machines.

Check how we conduct machine relocations.

Machine relocations are part of comprehensive maintenance services in a manufacturing facility. The most common reasons for machine relocations include changing locations, expanding operations, or constructing a new factory. Machine relocations must be carried out by specialists with the appropriate knowledge and practical skills. Luckily, machine relocation happens to be our specialty.

KWP Poland specializes in safe and professional machine relocations. Why should you use our services? Machine relocation with the help of experienced experts positively impacts the efficiency of production lines. Additionally, relocating production machines to a convenient location creates new development opportunities, enables reaching new markets, and acquiring new customers. As a result, your company becomes even more attractive to potential business partners.

Get to know the opinions of our clients

Vibracoustic Polska Sp. z o.o.

Artur Wojdacki - Utrzymanie Ruchu

Firma KWP Poland przeniosła wewnętrznie dla zakładu VIBRACOUSTIC w ŚRODZIE ŚLĄSKIEJ wtryskarki.
Wszystkie prace zostały wykonane bezpiecznie i z absolutną precyzją.

Chcielibyśmy zarekomendować firmę KWP Poland jako bardzo dobrego partnera biznesowego w zakresie relokacji i instalacji maszyn.

Milkrite | InterPuls Sp. z o.o.

Marek Dzieciniak - Plant Manager / Członek Zarządu

W imieniu Milkrite | InterPuls Sp. z o.o. chciałbym zarekomendować firmę KWP Poland Spółka z o.o.
KWP wykonywało dla nas trzykrotnie prace związane z przeniesieniem i pozycjonowaniem gniazd roboczych wtrysku gumy (waga gniazda ca. 14 ton).
Prace zostały wykonane terminowo, przy zachowaniu najwyższych standardów bezpieczeństwa i przy użyciu odpowiednich maszyn i urządzeń.
Kontakt z z Działem Handlowym, jak i Działem Technicznym był wzorowy- zarówno podczas ofertowania, jak i samego wykonania usługi.

Milkrite | InterPuls Sp. z o.o. widzi w KWP rzetelnego partnera biznesowego, z którym chcielibyśmy współpracować w przyszłości.

M&E Trading GmbH & Co.

Firma KWP Polska zdemontowała maszynę napełniającą i zapakowała ją do kontenerów morskich.
Wszystkie prace zostały wykonane bezpiecznie i z absolutną precyzją.
Chcielibyśmy polecić KWP Polska jako bardzo dobrego partnera biznesowego w zakresie relokacji i instalacji maszyn.

LG Electronics Wrocław

Dział techniczny

Firma KWP Polska wykonała wewnętrzną relokację linii klejowej w siedzibie LG Electronics w Kobierzycach.
Wszystkie prace zostały wykonane bezpiecznie i z niezwykłą precyzją.
Chcielibyśmy polecić KWP Polska jako bardzo dobrego partnera biznesowego w zakresie relokacji i instalacji maszyn.

Hydro Extrusion Poland Sp. z o.o.

Michał Karbowy - Kierownik Wydziału Wyciskania Profili

Firma KWP Poland rozładowała i zamontowała nową linię produkcyjną do wytłaczania profili ze stopów aluminium w zakładzie Hydro Extrusion Poland w Trzciance.
Czas trwania całego projektu — 4 miesiące (07.2022 — 10.2022)
Najcięższy element — 45 ton
Całkowita długość linii — 90 m
Wszystkie prace zostały wykonane bezpiecznie i z niezwykłą precyzją.
Możemy polecić KWP Polska jako bardzo dobrego partnera biznesowego w zakresie relokacji i instalacji maszyn.


Dariusz Hładki - właściciel

Firma KWP Polska zainstalowała w zakładzie CYNKMAL w Legnicy nowy piec do cynkowania (o masie około 20t) oraz urządzenia do naszej produkcji.
Wszystkie prace zostały wykonane bezpiecznie i z absolutną precyzją.
Chcielibyśmy polecić KWP Polska jako bardzo dobrego partnera biznesowego w zakresie przeprowadzek i przeprowadzek
instalacje maszyn.

Franke Foodservice Systems Poland Sp. z o. o.

Marcin Belle - Head of Industrial Engineering

Firma KWP Poland przeniosła z siedziby FRANKE w Gdyni, prasę RPP (waga 106 ton) do firmy We-Met w Kamienicy Królewskiej.
Wszystkie prace zostały wykonane bezpiecznie i z niezwykłą precyzją.
Chcielibyśmy polecić KWP Polska jako bardzo dobrego partnera biznesowego w zakresie relokacji i instalacji maszyn.


Jarosław Dziędzioła - PME Manager

Firma KWP Poland Sp. z o.o. wykonywała dla naszej firmy relokację linii technologicznej z fabryki w Niemczech do Polski.
Podczas wykonywania powyższego zadania firma KWP wykazała się bardzo dobrą organizacją pracy oraz odpowiedzialnością.
Doskonała koordynacja oraz sprawność operacyjna pracowników wpłynęła w zasadniczy sposób na bezproblemowość procesu. Prawidłowy dobór sprzętu i ludzi spowodował, że konieczność mojego zaangażowania była minimalna.
Rekomenduję firmę KWP jako solidnego i wiarygodnego partnera w pełni przygotowanego do wykonywania usług relokacji przemysłowych.

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    Machine relocation
    – frequently asked questions

    Does KWP Poland provide comprehensive machine relocation services? Rozwiń Rozwiń

    Yes. We are experts in machine relocation. We have extensive experience in relocating machines of various types and sizes. We have built a team of professionals who understand the importance of safely and effectively moving your production machines to a new location. Our knowledge and skills in the field of machine relocation allow us to provide you with the highest quality service. Whether you have a small machine or a large industrial device, we can adapt our approach and ensure you a successful relocation.

    Is machine relocation safe? Rozwiń Rozwiń

    Safety is our top priority. We understand that your machines are valuable and sensitive to damage. That's why we adhere to the highest standards in packaging, transportation, and assembly to ensure the protection of your equipment at every stage of the relocation process. You can rest assured knowing that your machines are in good hands. Our technical expertise and planning skills guarantee the effective relocation of your machines. We analyze every detail, taking into account the specifics of the equipment, the destination, and any other factors affecting the machine relocation process. This allows us to optimize every step and ensure a fast and efficient machine relocation.

    Do you perform industrial installations and machine connections? Rozwiń Rozwiń

    As part of the machine relocation service at KWP Poland Legnica, industrial installation design and execution, machine connection to utilities, support during the initial startup, including component testing, are included. You can therefore entrust us with a comprehensive service of unloading, placing, and connecting machines to utilities, including compressed air installations, electrical power supply, cooling water, technical gases, and others, depending on the needs. We guarantee that all installations will be carried out in accordance with the machine manufacturer's recommendations, which will be ensured by the engineering department of KWP Poland.